Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-4    Scanning
Chapter 6
Status Bar
The status bar displays information about the status of the scan
process. The information can include the following about the scan
options you select: scan mode, scan resolution, size (width and
height), and the resulting file size of the scanned image.
Displaying Information About the Scan Driver
You can display version and copyright information about the scan driver.
This information is displayed in the About dialog box.
1. On the title bar of the ScanGear window, click the right mouse button.
2. On the displayed menu, click About ScanGear.
3. To close the dialog box, click OK.
Scanning with the Desktop Manager
You can use the L60 and the Desktop Manager to scan a monochrome
image of a document. The resulting document in the Desktop Manager is
automatically provided a unique system-assigned name. You can rename
the document later.
Each image you scan is placed in the Scan folder as a TIFF document. A
scan document remains in the Scan folder until you move or delete it. The
scan document can be reviewed, annotated, printed, or sent as a fax. For
more information on these tasks, refer to Chapter 7, “Working with
Documents in the Desktop Manager.”
The following instructions summarise the procedures for scanning an
To scan an image with the Desktop Manager:
1. Place the image you want to scan face down in the ADF (automatic
document feeder) of the L60.
2. In the Desktop Manager, click Monochrome Scan on the Tools menu or
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