Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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1-2    Introduction
Chapter 1
Desktop Manager Features: an Overview
The following list presents an overview of some of the features of the
Desktop Manager. For detailed information and instructions, refer to later
chapters in this guide.
Print a Document
The L60 can be configured as the default printer in Windows, enabling
you to print a document in a Windows application, or in the
MultiPASS Desktop Manager.
You can define print options that affect the output of your printed
Fax a Document
You can fax a document from your computer, from within a Windows
application or in the Desktop Manager. You can define options
enabling you to attach a fax cover page and to schedule the
transmission time for the fax. Predefined fax cover pages are
available, or you can design one of your own.
For associates to whom you repeatedly send faxes, you can set up an
Address Book, containing the predefined fax information for each
recipient (such as the fax number). When you send a fax from your
computer, the fax recipient information is readily available in the
Address Book.
You can also receive faxes from your business and personal contacts
directly into your PC.
Scan an Image
The TWAIN-compliant scan driver allows you to use the L60 to scan
documents, photographs, and other images directly into the Desktop
Manager or into your Windows applications.
Import or Export a Document
You can import a document, saved in a .TIF file format, into the
Desktop Manager. The document can then be stored and managed
within the Desktop Manager.