Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Basic Operation
Handset Speaker Volume
To adjust the voice volume during conversation either:
Press Right on the Express Key, scroll to Voice Vol.
and press 
. Adjust volume using Right and Left
on the Express Key. Press 
 to accept the new
volume or 
 to leave the volume unchanged.
 • Press Up on the Express Key to increase the vol-
ume and press Down to decrease the volume.
Note: When multi-party call is active, the Up and
Down key selects a multi-party member. See “Multi-
Party Conferencing” in the Main Menu chapter for
more details.
Interrupted Calls
When a call is interrupted due to loss of the signal, the
phone may try to reconnect the call. When the phone
tries to reconnect the call, Reconnecting displays.
Power Off
To turn off your phone, press and hold       for 1
second. A power off tone sounds and Power Off
displays. Do not disconnect the battery while this
message displays.
 The phone saves information to the
SIM card.
Entering Alphanumeric Characters
The       icon and Enter Text display when you can
enter text from the keypad (e.g., to store numbers and
names, or to write or modify text messages).
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