Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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How T
o Use the Menus
How To Use the Menus
You can use the following menus to access all of your
phone's functions:
Memory Menu
Press Left on the Express Key to access the memory
functions. See the Memory Menu chapter for details
on storing and retrieving information.
Main Menu
Press Right on the Express Key to access the Main
Menu. See the Main Menu chapter for detailed infor-
mation on Main Menu functions.
Using the Menus
To move the cursor (>) from selection to selec-
tion and page to page, press Up and Down on the
Express Key.
To select a menu item when the cursor (>) is next
to it, press  
 or Right on the Express Key.
To go back to the previous menu level, press 
or Left on the Express Key. (A longer press exits the
menu entirely.)
Note: If no action is performed in a menu for 30
seconds, the phone will exit all menus.
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