Mitsubishi g75 User Manual

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Memory Menu
Deleting from Last Dial Memory
1. Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Last Dial
and press 
2. Scroll to the desired number and press 
 for at
least 1/2 a second.
3. Select Yes or Delete All and press 
Note: If you select Delete All, Delete All Last Dials?
displays. To clear Last Dial memory, select Yes
See “Storing Numbers from Other Memories” at the
end of this chapter to store numbers in memory.
Recall Memory
Retrieving Numbers by Name
1. Press Left on the Express Key, scroll to Recall
 and press 
. Enter Name
 and icon
2. Use the alphanumeric keypad to enter 1-3 letters of
name you want to view, then press 
 (see “En-
tering Alphanumeric Characters” in the Basic
Information chapter). The name with the closest
match displays. To view other names in alphabetical
order, use Up or Down on the Express Key. If no
letters are entered, pressing Down on the Express
Key scrolls through names in alphabetical order.
3. Press 
 to dial the number.
4. To exit Recall Name, press 
 briefly at any time.
Retrieving by Memory Location Number
1. From the main display, enter the number of the
memory location, then press #. The number and
location display.
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