AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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80000043212 BAL 
The insulation resistance detected and the two signals are sent to 
the equipment control. The insulation resistance is displayed as a 
measured value. Signalling faults are generated from the two 
isometer signals ( Chapter 6). 
Sequence control behaviour differs depending on which solar cells 
are connected. The solar cells do not need to be earthed for op-
eration with monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar cells. In this 
case, insulation measurement is always active. 
For operation with thin-film solar cells, the solar cells must be 
earthed. In this case, insulation measurement is not active during 
Insulation measurement sequence control features a "Mainte-
nance mode". This mode can only be activated for thin-film solar 
cells. Activating this mode disconnects earthing. This can be useful 
when mowing areas where solar panels are installed, for example.