AEG PV.500-MH Benutzerhandbuch

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Protect PV.500-MH Operating Instructions 
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 Only operate the equipment in perfect working order and in ac-
cordance with good electrical engineering practice 
 Arrange a fault detection check immediately if the equipment 
starts to behave differently 
 Keep all safety signs and warning notices on the equipment in a 
complete and clearly legible condition 
 Install fire extinguishers in the immediate vicinity of the equip-
1.3.2  Skilled Personnel Skills and Training 
Only trained and qualified skilled personnel may perform the work 
described, using tools, equipment and test equipment intended for 
the purpose and in perfect working order. 
All work is coordinated and monitored by the person responsible 
for work
. The person responsible for work is directly responsible 
for the execution of the work. Before work commences, the person 
responsible for work must inform the person responsible for the 
 and agree on a work schedule with him. The persons 
responsible for the work and equipment must be trained and quali-
fied skilled personnel and may be one and the same person. 
"Trained skilled personnel" means electricians who as a result of 
their specialist training:  
  Have knowledge and experience of the relevant standards, 
regulations, requirements and accident prevention regulations 
  Have been instructed in the mode of operation and operating 
conditions of the equipment 
  Have the ability to assess the effect of any intended work on 
the safe operation of this particular equipment 
  Can assess the work and recognise and avoid potential risks 
Compliance with the safety instructions described is essential for 
the protection of skilled personnel and the equipment. Skilled per-
sonnel must be aware of and follow these safety instructions.