Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-16    Scanning
Chapter 6
To create a mirror image of the preview image:
On the toolbar, click Mirror.
Rotating an Image
You can rotate an image 90
 left or right within the preview area to change
its orientation. When you rotate an image, the entire preview area,
including the rulers, rotates. For example, if the preview area is in portrait
orientation, it becomes landscape.
To rotate a preview image:
On the toolbar, click Rotate Left or Rotate Right.
Scaling the Image Output Size
You can scale the preview image to fit your needs in saving it as a data file.
For example, if you reduce by 50% the scale of an image that is 7 inches
wide by 9 inches high,  the output image will be 3.5 inches wide by 4.5
inches high.
However, in scaling an image for the final scan, keep in mind that the
values in the width and height text boxes remain the same.
To set an image scale:
1. Click the Main tab.
2. In the Scale box, enter a new percent.
The new output size is displayed under Output Size.
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