Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 6
   Scanning    6-15
3. To draw the selected area, click Crop on the toolbar and drag
diagonally across an area of the image in the preview window to
select that area. The Width and Height text boxes display the new
4. To further define the dimensions of the selected area, in the Width
and Height text boxes, type the appropriate values. The image
selection borders change to match the width and height you enter.
5. If you want to select an entirely different area of the image, click
outside the crop lines to clear the current selection.
6. To preview the newly selected area of the image, click Preview.
Moving an Image
If the image is too large to see in its entirety, you can move the image
within the preview area to locate a relevant area.
To move an enlarged image:
On the toolbar, click Move Image and drag the zoomed image to display
the appropriate area or detail.
Reversing the Tone of an Image
You can create a negative of an image for stylistic effect. A negative image
is created by inverting the dark and light areas of the image.
To reverse the tone of an image:
On the toolbar, click Negative/Positive.
Mirroring an Image
By mirroring an image, you can create an alternate version. For example,
you can create an alternate version of your company logo.
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