Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-14    Scanning
Chapter 6
Adjusting the Selection Size
When you first preview an image, the selection size is the same as the
paper size you set for your source document.
After your initial image preview, you can adjust the selection size of an
image in order to isolate a specific area of the image for a more restrictive
preview scan. For example, in scanning a letter, you may want to isolate
and save a company logo by itself.
You define the selection size of your image by drawing a border around
the part of the image that you would like to isolate. Alternatively, you can
define and orient the dimensions of your selection with respect to the
upper left corner of the preview area. Regardless of how you define your
selection, however, you can easily and quickly change the dimensions of
the selection.
In defining the selection size, regardless of the method you choose, you
can maintain the current height and width proportions of the image.
For example, you set the width to 4 inches and the height to 6 inches. You
change the width to 5 inches.  If Keep Proportions is not selected, the
height stays at 6 inches.  Thus, the proportion of the page height and
width changes. If Keep Proportions is selected when you change the
width, the height automatically changes to 7.51 inches. The lock icon
indicates that the page size will be maintained in the same proportion
whenever you change either the width or the height.
To adjust the selection size:
1. Click the Main tab.
2. If you want to preserve the current proportions of the image, click
Keep Proportions.
Keep Proportions
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