Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-22    Scanning
Chapter 6
When you adjust the white-point, all tones in the image lighter than the
selected white-point are adjusted to white.
When you find a combination of tone settings you like, you can save the
settings in a file and use it in future scanning sessions.
To adjust the tones using the Histogram tool:
1. On the Tone tab, click the Histogram tool button.
2. For the black-point, mid-point, or white-point, do one of the
following to make a change:
Click the appropriately labeled Eyedropper button. Then click
the eyedropper on the portion of the image in the preview area
that is darkest (for black-point), lightest (for white-point), or in
the middle of the tonal range (for mid-point). Try zooming in on
the specific part of the image so you can be sure you are selecting
the shade you want.
In the appropriately labeled text box, enter a tone value.
Drag the appropriate arrow at the bottom of the histogram to the
level you want.
In the preview image, all tones are adjusted accordingly.
3. To reset to the default values, click Reset.
To save these settings to use on similar images, click Save. In the
Save As dialog box, specify the file name and location where you
want to save the setting, and click Save.
Using a Custom Histogram Setting
Use the following steps to open a custom histogram setting that you
saved previously.
1. On the Tone tab, click the Histogram tool button, and then click
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