Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 8
   L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager    8-7
L60 Setup and
Other Utilities in the
 Desktop Manager
You set the transmission speed used to send faxes. The higher the
setting, the faster the transmission. If you experience problems when
sending faxes, try a lower speed setting.
Pause Duration
You set the length of the pause that you may have to insert when
dialling a long distance number.
Error Correction (ECM)
You select this option to reduce system and line errors when sending a
fax. With this option selected, the system checks each outgoing fax for
lost data. If data has been lost from a portion of a page, the system
transmits that portion again after confirming that all data within that
portion can be transmitted successfully.
Auto Start Send
When you select this option, the unit starts scanning automatically
five or ten seconds after destinations are entered. When you don’t
select this option, you must START/COPY to scan the document, or
the unit returns to standby mode after 60 seconds.