Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-14    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Answering Machine Mode Options
You use this option only if: you set the receive mode on the Receive
Fax tab to answering machine mode, and your fax sender may be
using a fax machine that does not emit a send fax signal.
Select this option to have the L60 automatically receive a call as a fax
call if a send fax signal is not detected for the number of seconds you
Clear this option to have the L60 remain in answering machine mode
even if no send fax signal is detected. If no sound is detected by the
L60 (such as the caller speaking to leave a message), the answering
machine disconnects.
Remote Receive
You select this option so that you can set the L60 — with the telephone
handset or from a telephone extension — to receive a fax if an
incoming call is ringing on the L60. If you select this option, you must
assign a remote identification number that signals the L60 to receive
the fax.
Remote Identification Number
If the Remote Receive option is selected, you assign the identification
number you will use to set the L60 to receive a fax.
Setting Up Speed Dial Assignments
On the Speed Dial tab, you can set up fax numbers for speed dialling with
the L60. You use the fax recipients set up in your Address Book, and
assign the desired individual recipients to speed dial codes. If the
recipient has not yet been set up in the Address Book, you can add the
recipient while creating speed dial assignments. You can also set up a
group speed dial, by assigning two or more individual speed dial
assignments to a single speed dial assignment.
For reference, you can print the list of speed dial assignments.
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