Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 2
   Installing the Desktop Manager Software    2-3
Installing the
Desktop Manager
Your preferred mode for receiving faxes with the L60:
Automatically switching between a telephone and fax calls,
automatically receiving fax calls only, requiring you to manually
receive fax calls, or handling incoming calls with the answering
machine you connected directly to the L60.
A series of questions displayed during the installation enables
you to specify your preference.
Fax Heading/Unit Name
The name you want to appear in the fax header (your name or
company name), which appears at the top margin of each page of
a fax transmission.
Fax Number
The number for the fax line connected to your L60. This
information is printed in the fax header, which appears at the top
margin of each page of a fax transmission.
Company (for Cover Page)
Name of your company. This information is available for printing
on a fax cover page.
Outside Dialling Prefix
If applicable, the number for accessing an outside line through
your office phone system (typically the number 9).
Fax Receive Mode
The method by which you want the L60 to handle incoming faxes
when your PC is on: upload the fax directly to the Desktop
Manager or print the fax from the L60.
Start Windows. If any Windows applications are open, close the
applications. If you install the Desktop Manager software only when
Windows applications are closed, you ensure that the Desktop
Manager software installs properly.
If your system automatically detects the L60 as a new device, a dialog
box displays a detection message. Close the dialog box by clicking
Report Bug