Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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9-4    Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 9
Are you receiving faxes but the faxes have errors?
In the Advanced Receive Fax setup options dialog box, in the Desktop
Manager, select the Error Correction (ECM) option. ECM sending/
receiving should help with problems due to poor telephone lines.
However, you might have to try again. If the sending fax unit does not
support ECM transmission, the document is sent in the normal mode
without error checking.
Is a received fax not printing?
Your toner cartridge might be out of toner. Change the toner cartridge.
Check your paper supply. Be sure you are using paper that meets the
paper requirements for this unit.
Is the quality of the received fax poor?
Remember, the sending fax machine usually determines document
quality. Ask the other party to check that their top cover and scanning
glass are clean.
Images Are Not Scanning Correctly.
Are you having problems scanning an image with your TWAIN-
compliant Windows application?
If you installed the TWAIN-compliant Windows application after
installing the Desktop Manager, there may be a problem with the TWAIN
system files that were overwritten. To correct the problem, reinstall the
Desktop Manager software.
Documents Are Not Being Copied.
Is the operation panel blank?
You might have a power problem. Check that the power cord is plugged
securely into the unit, and that your electrical source is OK.
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