Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-13
PC Faxing
Using the Fax Log
The Fax Log contains a list of the fax activity (faxes sent and received) for
the last two months. Each fax is listed with historical information, such as
transmission status, date and time the fax was sent or received, the
recipient of the fax, and the number of pages. You can use the Fax Log for
a variety of reasons, such as reviewing the error status of a PC fax that
While reviewing the Fax Log, you can print the log.
To display the Fax Log:
1. In the Desktop Manager, on the Tools menu, click Fax Log.
2. In the Fax Log dialog box, click a specific fax document to review
additional information in the status bar.
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