Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-12    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Print the fax directly from the L60
If you prefer, you can set the L60 to automatically print incoming faxes
and not upload the faxes to the Desktop Manager.
Upload the fax to the Desktop Manager
Any received faxes are moved automatically to the Desktop
Manager. By uploading a fax, you store a copy of the fax in the
Desktop Manager. In the Desktop Manager you can then review,
annotate, print, or resend the fax to another recipient.
If Your Computer Is Off
If your computer is turned off when the L60 receives a fax, the L60 handles
the fax by one of the following methods, based on how you defined the
setup options:
Print the fax directly from the L60
If your computer is going to be off for a while or you are expecting
many incoming faxes, it is recommended that you set the L60 to
automatically print incoming faxes. This recommended setting
allows you to leave the computer off for a period of time and still be
assured of receiving your faxes. You can always later scan a printed
fax to the Desktop Manager.
Save the fax in L60 memory
If you set the L60 to save a fax in memory, the fax can later be printed
directly to the L60, or sent to Desktop Manager when your computer is
turned on. Once a fax is printed, it is erased from the memory of the
When a fax is saved in L60 memory, a message appears in the LCD display
on your L60.
To move received faxes to the Desktop Manager:
1. Turn on your computer and start Windows.
2. Open the Desktop Manager.
For information on how your L60 can handle printing a received fax if
there is no paper or toner is low, refer to Chapter 8, “L60 Setup and Other
Utilities in the Desktop Manager.”
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