Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-11
PC Faxing
3. When you have finished your entries, process the fax.
To process the fax for immediate sending, click Send Now.
To schedule the fax for a later time that you specify, click Send
To hold the fax indefinitely, preserving your fax options until
later, click Hold.
To close the dialog box without sending the fax, canceling any
fax options, click Cancel.
Because the fax memo is not originating from a document in another
Windows application, be sure to enter the message for your fax in the
Memo box. Also, since your fax memo does not originate from a
document that may have been annotated in the Desktop Manager
Document Viewer, the Include Annotation option is not available.
Receiving a Fax
An incoming fax is received by your L60 and can be uploaded to the
Desktop Manager. The uploaded fax is stored in the In Box folder for
your review. A flashing arrow next to the folder name signals that you
have received a new incoming fax. Once you open the folder to review
the newly received fax, the flashing arrow no longer appears until
another fax is received.
A received fax displays in the In Box folder with a system-assigned name.
The fax remains in the In Box folder until you move or delete it.
Your computer can be turned on or off when faxes are received.
If Your Computer Is Turned On
If your computer is turned on when the L60 receives a fax, the Desktop
Manager handles the fax by one of the following methods, based on how
you defined the setup options:
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