Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-12    Scanning
Chapter 6
Setting Black and White Options
If you choose black and white as your scan mode, you also choose one of
the  black and white options.
The Threshold option provides a high contrast evaluation of the
image in terms of blacks and whites only.
The Halftone option simulates the tonal range of an image with a
precise pattern of lines and dots.
To set the Black & White Option:
1. Click the L60 Tab.
2. In the Black & White Options box, choose Threshold or Halftone.
Adjusting the Preview Image for the Final
Once an image is previewed, you can adjust it for the final scan by
changing its selection size, its output size, aspects of its orientation, or
aspects of its tone. For information on adjusting the tone of the preview
image, see the  “Adjusting the Tone of the Preview Image” section.
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