Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 6
   Scanning    6-13
Clearing the Preview Area
In case the preview image does not serve your purpose, you can quickly
remove it from the preview area and rescan the image.
To remove the current preview image:
On the toolbar, click Clear Preview.
Adjusting Your View of the Preview Image
To make it easier to work with your preview image, you can change
aspects of the image display.
Changing the Size of View
You can enlarge a preview image to better view its details. Each
enlargement doubles the size of the image up to a maximum of 16 times
the size of the original image.
Once you have enlarged the image, you can easily reduce it. Each
reduction decreases the size of the image by one-half.
To resize a preview image:
1. On the toolbar, click Zoom.
2. To enlarge, left-click the mouse pointer on the image.
To reduce, right-click the mouse pointer on the image.
Displaying Rulers
To work precisely with a preview image, you can display rulers on the
top and left borders of the preview area. The rulers display in inches or
centimeters, depending on what you have set for units of measure in the
Main tab.
To display rulers:
On the toolbar, click Rulers.
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