Xerox 3210 User Guide

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72 _Troubleshooting
2. Remove the jammed paper from the duplex unit.
If the paper does not come out with the duplex unit, remove the paper 
from the bottom of the machine.
If you cannot find the jammed paper, or if there is any resistance 
removing the paper, stop pulling and go to step 3.
3. Open the rear cover.
4. Pull the guide rear on each side down and remove the paper. Return the 
guide rear to its original position.
5. Close the rear cover. Printing automatically resumes.
In the optional tray
If paper is jammed in the optional Tray, follow the next steps to release the 
jammed paper.
1. Pull the optional tray open. 
2. If you see the jammed paper, remove the paper from the machine by 
gently pulling it straight out as shown below.
If you cannot find the jammed paper, or if there is any resistance 
removing the paper, stop pulling and go to step 3.
3. Pull the tray half.
4. Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling the paper straight up and 
Insert the trays back into the machine. Printing automatically resumes.
Guide rear