Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-23
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Adjusting the Image Display
For ease of viewing and better visibility, you can adjust or invert the light
and dark levels of your displayed document. When you invert the
display colours, you change the black areas to white and vice versa. Any
colours you use for annotations are not changed, although highlight
annotations may be difficult to see against a black background.
You may find that the Grey Scale setting is more pleasing to the eye;
however, it is slower to generate an image. For speed and reasonable
image display, consider the Darkest setting.
To lighten or darken the image:
On the View menu, point to Image Enhancement. On the Image
Enhancement menu, click the desired setting.
To reverse the colours of the image:
On the View menu, click Invert.
Paging Through Your Document
For multi-page documents, you can move to the next or previous page, or a
particular page you specify.
To page through your document, do one of the following:
Click Next Page or Previous Page on the View menu or toolbar.
On the View menu, click Goto Page. On the Go To Page dialog box,
enter the page number you want to display and click OK.
Click the page on the Page Panel.
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