Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 8
   L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager    8-25
L60 Setup and
Other Utilities in the
 Desktop Manager
To restart the MultiPASS Background :
1. On the Windows desktop, click Start and then point to Programs.
2. On the Programs menu, point to Canon MultiPASS L60. Then click
MultiPASS Background
The MultiPASS Background starts automatically.
Adding MultiPASS Background to StartUp
When you reconnect your L60 device, you will probably want to add the
MultiPASS Background to the StartUp group again (if you removed it as
described earlier). With the MultiPASS Background in StartUp, the
MultiPASS Background automatically opens when Windows is started.
The following instructions summarise the procedures for adding a
program to Windows StartUp. For more details, refer to your Windows
user documentation.
To add MultiPASS Background to StartUp:
1. Open the Windows Explorer.
2. Display the contents of the \MPASS directory and click the right
mouse button on MPSERVER.EXE.
3. In the displayed menu, click Create Shortcut. (A shortcut item
4. Click the plus (+) signs next to the Windows folder, the Start Menu
folder, and then the Programs folder.
5. Drag the shortcut item (created in Step 3) to the StartUp folder.
The MultiPASS Background will be automatically started when you start