Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-10    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Creating a Fax Memo
A fax memo is generally a brief, one-page fax sent directly from the
Desktop Manager, without using another Windows application.
Operating directly from the Desktop Manager, you specify the same fax
options as described in previous sections of this chapter.
1. In the Desktop Manager, click Fax Memo on the File menu or toolbar.
2. In the Send Fax dialog box, specify your fax options, as described for
steps 3 - 5 in the “Sending a Fax from Your Computer (PC Faxing)”
section presented earlier in this chapter.
In the Coversheet drop-down list box, select a cover page. Then
add the message of your fax in the Memo box.
Revise the name and phone number indicating the name and
phone number of the fax sender.
To have the fax deleted after you send it, select Delete After
To add a reference comment for the fax log, enter the text in the
Log Note box.
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