Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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4-8    Using the Desktop Manager
Chapter 4
User-Defined Folders
You can create an unlimited number of folders for your own use. These
folders are listed immediately following the system-defined folders.
When you install the Desktop Manager software, you are automatically
provided an initial user-defined folder named My Folder. You can use this
folder immediately for storing documents moved from the system-
defined folders.
If you create additional folders that cause the folder list to grow beyond
the visible list area, a vertical scroll bar displays. The scroll bar scrolls the
entire list of system- and user-defined folders as a single entity. In other
words, as you scroll, the list of system-defined folders may scroll from
Viewing Documents in the Desktop Manager
When you open a folder, you can view the documents contained within
the folder. With the exception of the Out Box folder, you can choose to
display the documents in Document View or List View.
If the number of documents within a folder exceed the available work
area, horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars appear.  You can then scroll
the work area to view your documents.
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