Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-8    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Entering the Information for the Fax Sender
To identify the sender of the PC fax, you enter your name and phone
number in the From and Phone boxes. After sending the first PC fax, this
information is automatically displayed the next time you send a PC fax.
You can change the fax sender information as needed.
Entering a Memo
You enter a memo as a brief or more lengthy message to be included on
the fax cover page. The memo appears on the cover page if the cover
page is designed to include it. The font, style and size of the memo text is
determined by the particular design of the cover page selected.
Deleting the Fax After Sending
If the Delete After Sending option is selected, the fax is automatically
deleted from the Out Box folder after it has been successfully transmitted.
This option enables you to more easily clear your system of unneeded
documents, thereby freeing disk space.
If the option is not selected, the sent fax is moved from the Out Box folder
to the Sent Fax folder after successful transmission.
Including Annotations
Using the editing capabilities within the MultiPASS Desktop Manager
(described in Chapter 7, “Working with Documents in the Desktop
Manager”), you may have modified your document—for example, by
adding text annotations, stamps, or highlighting. In this case, you can
choose to include modifications by clicking the Include Annotation
option. In this event, the modified version of the document is faxed.
If the option is not selected, the original version of the document is faxed,
without any annotations.
Entering a Fax Log Comment
The Fax Log maintains a history of each fax sent. By providing a log note,
you can include descriptive text on the fax log that has a particular
meaning to you. The log note may be an account number for billing
purposes, or a personal note about the particular document, recipient, or
fax transmission.
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